Friday July 15 in the Fun Barn

Entries 6-7 pm Judging 7-8 pm. Prizes awarded at 8 pm


1. Contest is only open to youth up to 17 years of age. List age on entry tag.

2. Cakes - ugly as can be, but not obnoxious. Entries will be judged on looks only.

3. All ingredients and decorations are to be edible. Please use discretion in your selection of garnishments.

4. No recipe is required, but all decoration ingredients must be listed on an index card.

5. A real cake must be used. No cakes are to be longer than 18 inches.

Little Tykes Class: Exhibitors age 6 yrs. old and younger

Junior Class: Exhibitors ages 7-11 years

Intermediate Class: Exhibitors ages 12-17 years

1st place in each class – Carnival Arm Band

All other exhibitors receive tickets for one carnival ride.

Cakes will be released following the awarding of prizes.