LuEtta White Memorial Pie Contest
& Cake Baking Contest

Thursday July 21 at 9:30 AM (Entries at 8:30 AM)
in the Veatch Picnic Shelter

Pie Contest

  1. Contest open to any age contestant.
  2. No more than 2 entries per person per class.
  3. Pie Division:
    a) Single Crust Pie
    b) Double Crust Pie
    c) Meringue Pie
    d) Men’s Class - any kind of pie
    e) Youth Class (16 & under) - any kind of pie
    f) **Special LuEtta White Gooseberry Pie Class**
  4. Cake Division:
    a) Frosted Cake - any kind
  5. Pies & cakes must be delivered in covered disposable containers as they will be sold with the container it comes in.
  6. Please attach a removable tag to each entry showing the contestants name, class letter & name, plus the kind of pie &/or cake.

Awards & Prizes

Auction of pies & cakes at noon